Financial literacy training: what's the point?

Today's world sometimes challenges us in education as well as in finance and other areas.

We sometimes neglect the financial education we need to teach children from an early age. We also forget that we need to grow our financial skills continuously.
Financial literacy training is a lifelong process that concerns everyone, whether on personal or professional levels. Financial literacy training basics, managing your expenses and finances have never been easy.

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In Geneva,Ahmet Gokay's Finance literacy training and public speaking offers a Finance literacy training that gives a solid foundation on essential financial skills, investment, and the history of the global financial crises and learnings from past mistakes. Thus, it is valuable training for everyone, not just finance professionals. If everyone could master this area of life planning, it would make a big difference to their current and future financial situation. In my opinion, this type of education should be integrated into school curricula.

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Because it enables learners to develop skills in managing their finances, one of the most important assets they have together with their health. They will learn how to invest and make fair use of their money while adapting them to the financial markets' reality. Once they have acquired these skills, they can finally act intelligently and protect their finances in the best possible way. They need to learn from past financial crises and to think a little about their future with the savings they have in their hands. As part of literacy training, the trainer can also coach learners to make the best decisions about financial actions.

They will also learn how to minimize the risks of a possible loss. Finally, this training can also be of great help to companies to put in place a sound financial strategy.


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